The Aslan family, which has continued its success in the iron and steel industry by founding ORAYSAN A.Ş. in 1985, has adopted the vision of pioneering in trade and supply of services.
As per this principle, ORAYSAN A.Ş. operates in the fields of iron and steel, logistics, railroad transport, road transport, construction and tourism.
The foundation of the trust achieved by the group has been customer-oriented approaches for many years, as well as performance of all activities with speed and reliability according to the vision of being a pioneer.
The company meets customer expectations and complies with all legal requirements, as well as national and international standards, in supply of all its services and the products it trades.
ORAYSAN A.Ş., which is a group company and an affiliate of ATAK HOLDING, continues its rapid growth into the future while setting great store by technology and human life.

Oraysan ATAK HOLDING A.Ş. subsidiary.
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